4 Steps to Selling Solutions Successfully

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Steps to Selling Solutions Effectively for Sales Teams
There are 4 steps selling solutions that we teach in our business sales training that, if you and your sales team follow with the required sales expertise and consultative selling skills, will put you at the top of your game.

The Top 4 Steps to Selling Solutions Effectively for Sales Teams
Based upon solution selling training best practices, great solution sellers know how to:

1.  Quickly determine to pursue … or not.
The best solution sellers are fast and accurate qualifiers. They know which deals to pursue and which to let go. Their time with customers is exceedingly valuable.

 To spend it with unlikely buyers who do not fit target client criteria is a waste of time, expertise, and money. The sooner you figure out that a prospect is not worth pursuing, the sooner you will be free to spend time productively with more likely prospects that better fit you and your unique offering.

 We use the red light, yellow light, green light designations to determine as a team where it is wise to devote our time and energy.  Red light means that the prospect fails to meet our target client criteria.  Green light means that the prospect fits our target client criteria.  Yellow light indicates that we need more information to turn the opportunity red or green.

2.  Reframe the opportunity.
Savvy solution sellers know their prospects well … from the company perspective as well as what would define their client’s personal success. They understand what the organization needs as well as what the individual buyer needs. With a depth of knowledge, they know how to reframe the problem, add fresh insight, and present a unique solution in a compelling way.

High performing sales teams  strive to help the buyer look at the problem in a new light. Great sellers don’t just respond to a stated need, they look at all possible causes of the problem and evaluate how best to solve it. They work with the buyer to assess the risks of various courses of action and are able to forge bonds of trust that strengthen the relationship.

3.  Balance the relationship.
Ideally, both the buyer and seller are invested in the proposed solution. Accordingly, solution selling training experts know that top sellers ask for the buyer’s involvement in designing the approach and the solution. After each meeting, both leave with action steps. This helps ensure the client’s buy-in — the buyer and seller work more as partners than mere participants in a transactional sale.

4.  Network to find their own leads.
Top solution sellers don’t simply rely on leads from others. They are always connecting with people and looking for new contacts and referrals. They know how to promote themselves and their company and welcome opportunities to meet new people both personally and professionally. They know that you can never predict who knows whom. Sometimes it’s your next-door neighbor who is the best lead into that company whose door you could never open before.

The Bottom Line
The steps to solution selling make a difference in terms of revenue growth, margin, and win rate.  Is your sales team effectively qualifying, reframing, balancing, and networking to grow the business?

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