Top Performing Sales Teams
All sales managers aspire to lead a top performing sales team. And many of those sales managers have eager, willing, and capable sales reps. But the dreams of so many sales leaders (even those with competent teams) don’t come true. What high performance sales DNA is missing? Why do some sales teams outperform their peers?

Two Sales Differentiators
Our sales training research found that only 20% of sales training participants change their on-the-job behavior and performance from sales training alone.  Regardless of unique value proposition, marketplace, or solution selling strategy, high performing sales teams do two things that others do not:

  1. Identify, Target, and Reinforce the Top Money-Making Sales Skills
    The best teams ruthlessly analyze and identify the top sales skills that matter most for their unique situation and design their business sales training They recognize that different sellers need different capabilities according to the unique roles they play in the sales process and who their buyers are. Some salespeople are responsible for closing complex deals and must provide value throughout lengthy sales negotiations. Others may have simpler, shorter sales cycles but are in more competitive situations.

    The leaders of top performing sales teams know that generic sales training programs just don’t cut it. Instead, they seek out highly customized, relevant, timely, and challenging sales development opportunities that specifically address the sales scenarios that make the difference with their unique offerings in their unique marketplace. They make sure that any investment in sales training brings measurable sales results.

    And they know that sales coaching, sales playbooks, and consistent reinforcement ensure that the training is actually applied on the job. In fact, our research found that sales reps who receive effective and consistent sales coaching outperform their peers 4-to-1 in terms of quota attainment.

  2. Simplify the Selling and Buying Process
    It seems so obvious, but it is surprising how many sales organizations and solution selling training programs make selling unnecessarily difficult for their reps and buying unnecessarily difficult for their customers. The more barriers you can remove, the more successful your reps can be.

    For instance, can you cut down on your reps’ administrative time? When they are buried in paperwork, they are not in front of customers. Surely there are routine tasks that can be delegated or simple operations that can be handled by technology. Keep your salespeople doing what they do best – selling.

    As for the customers, make sure that it is easy for them to buy from you. Remove hurdles that can be handled for them behind the scenes. Minimize the number of roadblocks they must navigate before they can try what you have on offer and then easily buy it from you.

    Top performing sales organizations manage their own internal selling processes smoothly and efficiently.

The Bottom Line
Want to improve your sales team’s performance? Follow the lead of top performers and integrate these two best practices into your sales strategy.

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