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Should you move beyond consultative and solution selling?

Although solid product knowledge and advanced solution selling skills can deliver increased revenue, they will not deliver industry leading sales results.

Read Moving Beyond Consultative and Solution selling To Deliver Industry Leading Sales Results to learn the 3 keys for your sales force to thrive.

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Solution selling training featured workshops

How to Sell Solutions that Build Stronger, More Profitable Customer Relationships

Master the sales principles, tools and techniques necessary to build successful long-term client relationships by adding client value instead of selling products and taking customer orders in this customized sales training program.

Selling Solutions Workshop

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Executive Selling Training

How to Effectively Sell to Executives

Executives expect and deserve a different approach to sales.

Revenue-generating relationships with executive decision-makers takes more preparation, analysis, business acumen and communication skills than any other kind of sale.

Before you try to sell to the corner office, get your act together,  You only get one shot.

Sales Performance Coaching from LSA Global, Inc via the community site

Sales Performance Coaching

Sales Coaching Matters

If you want to grow profitably.

Based upon over 800 sales training measurement projects, we know sales reps who receive consistent and effective sales coaching outperform their peers 4-to-1 in terms of revenue, margin and client satisfaction.

Are you taking advantage of the power of sales performance coaching to succeed?

Sales Health Check

How do you stack up in the areas of Account Planning, Generating Leads, Presenting, Selling to Executives, Selling Solutions and Negotiating?

Benchmark Your Sales Performance

Sales Toolkit

Key published sales research, insights and tools from industry experts about how to drive profitable sales revenue..

Get Sales Tools that Work

Sales Culture

Are your sales leaders building a High-Performance Sales Culture to drive your sales strategy forward?

Read about High Performance Sales Cultures

Sales Library

Solution and Value Selling Best Practices Research to transition from selling products to selling value-based solutions.

Solution selling Library

Recent solution selling training blogs

The Bottom Line

According to McKinsey, a top performing salesperson in the upper quartile is almost 15 times more productive than an average performer.

To outperform their peers, top salespeople consistently link their solution to their buyer’s top priorities in a way that makes sense for their customer’s unique situation, culture, and budget.

Unfortunately, even some of the most experienced sales people have difficulty making the transition from selling products and transactions to selling more complex and customer-centric solutions.

Sales forces are most often asked to make the transition when they face increasing revenue, deal size, margin, pricing, sales cycle, customer, and competitive pressures that are forcing them to change how they play the game.

Changing the game usually means ensuring that your sales strategy, sales culture, and sales talent are aligned to call higher, differentiate your offerings, act more consultative, and add more customer value during the buying process with target accounts.

Solution selling is not about sales skills alone however. Done right, a true shift to a solution selling strategy typically requires:

  • A Clear Strategy: Clear, agreed to and understood go-to-market sales strategy that supports the overall company strategy.
  • A High Performance Sales Culture: Well-designed high performance sales environment that sets the sales force up to succeed and is 100% aligned with the sales and business strategy
  • The Right Talent: Thoughtful talent strategy to attract, develop, and retain sales talent that fits your unique situation.

To gauge your success, look to measure and move the following sales metrics:

  • More qualified sales opportunities
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • Increased revenue and margins
  • Higher win-rates
  • Greater insight and influence throughout the customer buying process
  • Stronger, deeper and longer customer relationships
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Learn comprehensive and proven sales approaches, strategies, and skills required to successfully increase revenue, sell solutions instead of products, add value, move up the value chain, build deeper and longer customer relationships, and be a trusted business advisor to your key clients.

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