Top Sales Leaders Create Revenue Growth
According to McKinsey, 1-in-4 companies did not grow at all over the last decade, and only 1-in-8 sales leaders create revenue growth of more than 10% percent.

Our organizational alignment research found that aligned companies grow revenue 58% faster and 72% more profitably than their unaligned peers.  There are three necessary elements for alignment and profitable revenue growth: sales strategy, sales culture, and sales talent.

  1. The Right Sales Growth Strategy
    Strategic sales clarity accounts for 31% of the difference between high and low performing sales teams. Winning growth strategies ruthlessly go after ideal target clients with a compelling and unique value proposition that sets them apart from the pack.

    Most often, high growth companies figure out how to simultaneously expand and optimize their core offerings while developing attractive adjacencies in new markets, geographies, and product extensions.

    Is your sales growth strategy clear enough, believable enough, and innovative enough?

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  2. The Right Sales Culture
    Your sales culture – the health, accountability, and strategic sales alignment of how work gets done across the organization – accounts for 40% of the difference between high and low performing sales teams. To achieve high growth year-over-year, the entire company must fully commit to growth in each and every action.

    A growth mindset must permeate every communication, meeting, business sales training, decision, hiring, promotion, restructure, and investment – even in the face of unexpected challenges.  

    Do you have the resolve to boldly pursue growth even if you don’t see results right away?

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  3. The Right Sales Talent
    Once you have a growth-oriented and aligned sales strategy and sales culture, it’s time to ensure that you have the sales management and solution selling capabilities to execute your plans for growth.

    Sales growth leaders assess high stakes sales roles and aggressively invest in their abilities to drive profitable growth.  McKinsey found that sales teams with the right capabilities achieve 3 times more total shareholder return.

    Do you have the right sales capabilities to drive sustainable growth?

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The Bottom Line
Once you commit to high growth, you need to follow through.  Do you and your team have the growth strategies, mindsets, and sales capabilities required to succeed?

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