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We know from experience that sales referrals work. But why is it worth it to get quality sales referrals? Take a look at the research results from Nielsen. Customers are not one, not two, not three, but four times more likely to buy when you are referred by a friend. Why? Because 92% trust referrals from people they know.

Without a referral, sales teams are fighting against the tide. Lacking an introduction from someone they know, customers have little basis for trusting you.

So Who Do You Ask?
Before you ask for a sales referral, measure the strength of your relationship. The stronger the relationship – especially if you are considered to be a trusted advisor – the stronger the referral. Think about how long you have known the customer, how often you communicate, how quickly they respond when you call, and how satisfied they are with the value you provide for them.

The smart move is to ask for sales referrals from customers with whom you have the highest score in terms of the relationship and results.

How to Get Quality Sales Referrals
Too many salespeople avoid asking for sales referrals because they fear they will be rejected. The secret is whom you ask and how. Here are five tips from our proven referral selling training workshop on how to get high quality sales referrals from your network.

  1. Get the Timing Right
    Time your request to coincide with a customer’s acknowledgment of thanks or of the benefits of what you have provided.

  2. Ask Clearly and Politely
    Start off with wording such as, “I would very much appreciate your help.”

  3. Be Specific
    To get a high-quality sales referral you must be specific about the kind of referral you want. If you are not ready to share the exact person and company that you would like to be referred to, then be prepare to describe the industry, title, role, and situation of the people you’d like to meet and who could benefit from your services.

    Your best bet is to research your customer’s connections on such social media sites as LinkedIn and to request an introduction to a specific person.

  4. Leverage Your Relationship
    If it’s not possible to get you an in-person or email introduction for some reason, make sure you use their name in your initial call to the prospect.

  5. Be Appreciative and Communicative
    Express your sincere thanks in a way that makes sense and keep them apprised of your progress with their referral.

The Bottom Line
Too many business sales training programs fail to help sales teams grow their pipeline.  Your network can help you generate more business – you simply need to ask for their help in referring you to others who could benefit from what you do best.

To learn more about how to get quality sales referrals, download Client Referrals – Your #1 Untapped Revenue Source

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