Looking Ahead
Are your sales reps still pitching products and benefits? If you want to drive profitable revenue growth, we hope your answer is NO!  Build the sales function of the future because buyer expectations and competition have changed drastically over the last decade.

How B-2-B Sales Have Changed
For many sales leaders looking to expand, now is the time to take stock of how your sales team is truly operating and take the key steps required to lift their performance. No longer is even consultative selling sufficient to win. To succeed in today’s competitive environment your sales team must embrace value-based selling where sellers bring meaningful insights to their clients and strategic change management principles to the sales process.

Sure, the tried-and-true skills of digging up new opportunities, uncovering needs, negotiating, and effective time management are still necessary. But buyers rightfully expect more.

How Buyers Have Changed
The good news is that, reportedly, 82% of buyers are willing to meet early with sellers. They want fresh ideas on how to drive better business results and insightful solutions for their problems. The challenge for sellers is that buyers are better informed, smarter at negotiating, and less loyal. For sellers, this all amounts to the need for more sophisticated business acumen and the need to provide value in each client interaction.

The Risks of Maintaining Current Sales Skills
If sales leaders don’t catch up with what is needed to truly win sales today, they risk losing to their better coached competitors who can sell value more effectively and uncover unrecognized needs to provide a more complete and differentiated solution. Average sellers risk:

  • Getting beat up on price because they cannot justify their offering in terms of the value it provides.
  • Being unable to retain top sales talent who are not content being part of a second-rate team.
  • Losing clients who are swayed by competitors who bring them greater value.

The Job of Sales Leaders
It is up to sales leaders to create the circumstances to lift performance. The success of most organizations depends in large part on the success of the sales force to sell solutions and generate profitable revenue. And to succeed today, sellers need to be multi-skilled idea drivers. Persuade organization leadership that change is needed and then provide a development path that will bring your sales team up to speed.

The Bottom Line
To build the sales function of the future, start now. Get your executive team on board and focus on developing your sales reps’ ability to articulate value, uncover and generate ideas that will help clients solve their problems, and build the relationships that transform “sales pitchers” to “sales advisors” and “sales change agents.”

To learn more about building the sales function of the future, download 3 Sales Trends Impacting Your Sales Strategy

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