Boost Sales Training Effectiveness through Technology

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Boost Sales Training Effectiveness
Boost sales training effectiveness because sales training is nowhere near as effective as it should be.  In fact, the probability of training alone having a tangible business impact is slim.  This is why: based upon measuring over 800 sales training programs, we found that only 20% of participants actually change their on-the-job performance from stand-alone training.  That means that eighty percent of the skills and knowledge presented in sales training events are not transferred back to the job.

Sales Training Events Do Not Work
The reason that training by itself is so woefully ineffective is that most organizations treat learning as an event rather than an important change initiative.

For Real Change Use the 5 Rs
If you truly want to boost sales training effectiveness and promote the adoption and mastery of new sales skills, you need to ask yourself the following questions to ensure that your sales training will provide the impact you are looking for:

1. Relevance: How does the skill development apply directly to a salesperson’s role, the sales team’s purpose and a top five business priority?

2. Resources: How will the necessary time, information, tools, technology, supporting processes, and structures be made available to produce the desired sales results?

3. Reinforcement: How will your environment support (incentives, consequences, recognition, etc.) the application of the new sales skills?

4. Renewal: How will the organization ensure continuous improvement through sales coaching, sales mentoring, follow-up, and sales refreshers?

5. Review: How will you create sales accountability and evaluate the efficacy of the sales intervention at individual sales rep and sales team levels?

Getting Real
Now that you know the ideal way to achieve Sales Training Effectiveness, let’s look more realistically at what a sales manager can do to maximize training in a world of tight budgets, limited time, and geographical separation.  One answer is to leverage technology.

Technology as a Sales Training Booster
Provide online sales tools and job aids that reps can review on their phones to:

  • Get new hires up to speed on strategy and sales tasks specific to your organization. Fill them in on how various functions like marketing, production, customer support and service interface with Sales so they understand where to go for what.
  • Give current sales reps the tools to provide up-to-date product positioning and messaging. Add videos of customer testimonials to increase reps’ credibility with client prospects.
  • Provide a platform for sales coaching. If your sales force is widely dispersed, give your reps the opportunity to film themselves as they practice a sales presentation or important client meeting.  Their sales managers can then give them specific feedback to improve presentation effectiveness.
  • Customize the sales training goals. Each sales rep will have different areas for improvement.  Sales reps and their managers can identify specific sales training goals and use video meetings to strategize on how to take steps toward improvement.

The Bottom Line
If you approach sales training as a change initiative, you can leverage technology as one of the avenues toward transferring sales skills from the classroom to the field.  To boost sales training effectiveness apply the 5 Rs to the way you use reinforcement and technology with your sales reps.  Is your sales training making an impact?

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