On Most Sales Teams, Only a Small Percentage Are Outstanding
Winning new business is challenging.  Buyers are more informed, have more alternatives, are under more pressure, and have higher expectations than ever before.  Unfortunately, research from Xactly tells us that 79 percent of B2B sellers miss quota each year. 

How can you be one of the elite 21 percent of B2B sellers who stand out from the pack?

4 Moves That Separate Top B2B Sellers
Business sales training experts know that top solutions sellers behave very differently from their peers and are perceived very differently by their customers. 

  • Top B2B Sellers Know Who Matters Most
    Average solution sellers chase every marketing qualified lead. High performers focus on target clients who fit predetermined criteria and appreciate what they have to offer. 

    Ideal target clients don’t just buy your stuff; they passionately buy and use what you have to offer.  Ideal target clients don’t just need what you offer; they feel they must have what you offer.  Ideal target clients are not merely satisfied with what you offer; they are thrilled with what you offer.

  • Top B2B Sellers Know What Matters Most
    Average solution sellers focus on their own goals, products, solutions, benefits, and features. Top solution sellers relentlessly focus on what matters most to the success of their customers and the success of their customers’ customers.  This may seem like a small nuance, but it is not.

    Focusing on how to make your customer successful changes everything.  Focusing on the customer changes the sales questions that you ask, the options that you recommend, and the relationships that you build.  Do not underestimate the power of putting your customers first.

  • Top B2B Sellers Know What Sets Them Apart
    High performing salespeople live and breathe their unique value proposition. The best solution sellers know who their best clients are and are well versed in what specifically sets their offerings apart from the competition.  They consistently differentiate themselves, their company, and their offerings in the right way to the right people with a unique, clear, and compelling value proposition. 

    Are you as different as you need to be to win in the eyes of your target clients?

  • Top B2B Sellers Don’t Rely on Just One Strategy
    Sure, it’s easier to always put your best option forward. But most buyers report liking to compare the pros and cons of a few viable options based upon their unique situation. 

    Do yourself and your clients a favor.  Provide a few worthwhile options that range in scope, complexity, and price that allow your client to pick what works best for their unique objectives, culture, and circumstances.

  • Top B2B Sellers Don’t Forget the Basics
    Every customer interaction counts. Remember the power of first impressions.  Invest the time required to show that you care and want to help your client to be successful. 

    Do your research.  Prepare for every sales call.  And follow through on your promises.

The Bottom Line
The top B2B sellers are customer-centric, thoughtful, and focused.  There is little to be gained by a scattered approach that is all about you.  Know your stuff, assess your strengths, plan your attack, and prepare to do what it takes to help your client to succeed.

To learn more about how to a high performing B2B seller, download 30 Effective Sales Questions More Important than Budget

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