Individual vs. B2B Team Selling
How is sales performance measured and rewarded at your company? For decades, the emphasis was clearly placed on how well you did as an individual sales rep. Individual sales commissions and associated perks drove individual quota achievement. While individual rewards are still a part of most sales’ compensation strategies, sales incentives are now more likely to reward B2B Team Selling. There’s a darn good reason.

The Shift to B2B Team Selling
There are two quite extraordinary statistics that underlie the shift to B2B Team Selling. According to Gartner, over the last two decades the impact of individuals’ performance on companywide unit profitability decreased from 78% to 51% while workers’ network performance (how much employees give to and take from coworkers) increased from 22% to 49%. It is clear that almost half of the impact, even in sales, is due to team performance rather than individual performance.

What Effective B2B Team Selling Looks Like
Effective solution selling salespeople, especially in the B2B realm, collaborate frequently with their coworkers. Together, they are able to pull together more resources and leverage each other’s strengths to win bigger and more complex deals with more sophisticated and demanding target clients.

The sum is greater than the parts. Simply put, when sales team members work together, they win more deals than when they work on their own.

Some Reasons B2B Team Selling Works

  • More Decision Makers
    More people are involved in today’s buying decisions so there are more points of view to uncover and navigate. With more expertise, bandwidth, styles, and perspectives on your selling team, you are more likely to relate to the different perspectives and to answer their specific questions in a timely and meaningful way.

  • Problems Need Solutions
    Buyer’s problems are increasingly complex. By matching roles on your team to the issues your buyers face, you can deliver expert and targeted help in solving their most pressing problems. Tap into the specialized skills and knowledge that exist in your organization to specifically address your buyer’s needs.

  • Everyone Benefits from a Trusted Ally
    Having a team member at your side to help with pre-call sales planning, observe buyer reactions, conduct a red team analysis, assist with answering questions, and provide timely feedback can help you up your game and provide insights you could have missed. This gives you an opportunity to improve your performance and add differentiated value to your clients.

The Bottom Line
We know that B2B team selling works for solution selling opportunities. Are you providing the appropriate incentives and encouragement so that everyone involved in the successful sale benefits?

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