6 Ways Top Sellers Align with their Buyers

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Top Sellers Align with their Buyers
Needless to say, top sellers align with their buyers.  Buyers have changed the way they buy.  So, to be successful, sellers need to change the way they sell. Top solution sellers get in on the sales process far earlier than their underperforming peers and work in sync with their target buyers to define the root problem and craft a meaningful solution together.


What Has Changed
Buyers take advantage of technology and access to information to research potential solutions and alternatives to help identify options, approaches and sellers they think will best help them to succeed. Some sellers are out of the game before they even know they were being considered!


Rather than being in charge of the prospecting process, sellers have lost the initiative—buyers use the internet to gather information about available solutions. Then they screen potential providers and continue their research until they narrow the field. And often, instead of a single buyer in charge of the process that the seller can easily identify, there is apt to be a buying decision team with multiple influencers.


How Top Sellers Align with their Buyers to Adapt
At each step in the sales process, top solution sellers shift their focus to how their customer wants to buy. Once they understand how their customers buy, they boost their sales and win rates significantly while greatly reducing sales cycle times.


#1.  Top Solution Sellers Qualify Potential Customers
Top producing sales people focus where they have the best chance of winning – with their target clients who most appreciate their unique value proposition.  Top producing sales people do much more than simply identify the decision-maker and the decision-making process.  Top producing sales people qualify the opportunity to ensure their solution is the best alternative for their client before moving forward.


#2.  Top Solution Sellers Clearly Position Their Company and Themselves
Even before specific opportunities present themselves, top producing sales reps invest in strongly positioning their company and themselves as a trusted resource in the areas that matter most to their target buyers.  They do this by being a visible expert in their domain, by consistently putting their clients first and by always trying to help their clients to succeed – both personally and professionally.


#3.  Top Solution Sellers Clearly Know Their Target Clients
Top producing business sales reps ensure they have enough knowledge of the client’s industry, business, organization and the client themselves that they would be difficult to replace. They also strive to have strong working relationships and frequent contact across all levels of the organization in a meaningful manner.


#4.  Top Solution Sellers Link to Strategic Priorities
When the opportunity arrives, high performing sellers resist the temptation to push forward before they have fully understood and agreed upon the value of the need compared to other priorities their clients face. They make sure that every solution links to a top 10 business priority before they move forward.


#5.  Top Solution Sellers Present a Compelling and Differentiated Solution
Top sellers structure their solution to directly address the strategic, structural, operating, people, financial, functional or customer problems that are most constraining performance.  They articulate their value proposition clearly, concisely and with confidence by focusing on what matters most to the customer.


#6.  Top Solution Sellers Maintain and Grow the Relationship
High performing sales reps always stay in touch to monitor and guarantee satisfaction. They act as a risk manager – ensuring that everything is going as hoped and planned while building trust. They know that growing current customers and expanding their network through referrals is far easier than starting from the beginning again.


The Bottom Line
Today’s top sellers align with their buyers to ensure they keep up with the way their buyers buy. Don’t be hampered by slavish adherence to an outmoded sales process. Update your solution selling approach to better match the way buyers buy – both today and tomorrow.


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