4 Ways to Scale Your Sales Team

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Scale Your Sales Team
When you’re ready to scale your sales team and want to avoid the common pitfalls that come with high growth, you’ll need a solid plan to effectively manage all the moving parts while balancing sales team health and performance.

Here are four, well-considered steps to get you and your sales team moving in the right direction.

1. Hire Right. Know and Hire for What Works Best.
Forget your gut feel as for why some sales reps are more successful than others.  Start by identifying the critical few money making skills that matter most for your specific sales strategy, sales culture and target market.  Then you can develop a sales hiring profile against which you should measure all potential new hires.

Even though you may feel pressure to add people quickly to meet your growth targets, never settle.  Stick to the profile that is predictive of sales success.  Hiring and the right sales people will make or break your sales success.

2. Train Right. Thoroughly and Consistently.
Once you have successfully on boarded a sales team that matches your success profile, make sure that you give them the consultative selling skills they need to succeed.  Do not make the mistake of underinvesting in your sales team through off-the-shelf sales training; it simply does not work.   We have measured over 800 sales training projects, and only 1-in-5 participants change their behavior and performance from training alone.

To get it right, identify the critical few sales scenarios that matter most, train your team in those scenarios until they are proficient, provide ongoing sales coaching and hold people accountable through training measurement.

3. Enable Right. Give Salespeople the Sales Tools for Success
Salespeople need more than an easy-to-use CRM.  They need easy access to compelling marketing material and customer interaction data to help accelerate each stage of the sales cycle.  They need an effective way to share and access sales best practices.  And lastly they need accurate, timely and transparent performance data to know where they stand vis-à-vis their performance targets.

4. Process Right. Establish a Proven Sales Process
A sales process outlines how and when to conduct the sales cycle from beginning to end in a way that supports your go-to-market sales strategy and the way your target clients prefer to buy. A consistent and efficient sales process is paramount for pipeline management and is directly correlated to higher quota attainment, increased win rates and lower sales force attrition.

The Bottom Line
Forget trying to find a silver bullet to scale your sales team.  Unless you have a product or solution that is flying off the shelves, it takes focus, dedication and hard work to build a high performance sales team.  The good news is that having the right sales team will make all the difference.

To learn more about how to scale your sales team, download The Keys to Creating a High Performance Sales Team Culture

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