Building a High Performance Sales Team
High performance sales teams consistently deliver high performance results.  To consistently deliver high performance results, sales leaders need salespeople with “can-do” attitudes that are aligned with a winning sales strategy and a high performance sales culture.

Easily said. The challenge is how – how to achieve what we’ll call sustainable sales superiority in your company with its unique combination of sales talent, sales culture, and sales strategy.

How to Build Your Dream Team
Here are some steps that will help you build the high-performance sales team you dream of: 

  1. Hire Right
    You need “A” players – not only for the sales team but also in sales leaders who can inspire trust and extra effort, who can see the big picture beyond day-to-day activities, and who can coach sales teams with feedback designed to improve sales performance. “C” players will not only drag down overall performance, but they will also negatively affect motivation and morale.

  2. Use Data
    Use the data you have collected to inform your hiring decisions, align your rewards, and confirm your promotions. Analyze what works so that you can find the right sales talent with the right knowledge and the right sales skills. And then continue to review the data so you can focus on the sales activities that help you grow the business.

  3. Train Specifically
    Not every salesperson comes with everything they need to be successful. But don’t waste time and money by treating each salesperson the same. Take the time to assess what sales skills are most effective for your specific situation, where the gaps are, and design a customized consultative sales training program to lift sales performance.

  4. Do Not Neglect Sales Culture
    Our organizational alignment research shows that sales culture accounts for 40% of the difference between high and low performing sales teams in terms of revenue, profitability, customer satisfaction, customer retention, leadership effectiveness, and sales team engagement. Is your sales culture healthy and aligned with your sales strategy?  If you are unsure, you probably have some work to do.

  5. Utilize a Sales Process that Works
    You can maximize performance by putting in place a sales process proven to bring results. When the entire sales team follows the same overall sales process, they engage in the right activities, follow the same proven sales steps, and use the same sales language. It makes for an efficient and winning sales strategy.

  6. Stay Vigilant
    Nothing stays the same. Be sure you continue to monitor results and interpret the data so you can adjust your sales strategy to take advantage of or protect from the inevitable changes in the marketplace.

The Bottom Line
Successful sales leaders understand that it is their responsibility to create the circumstances that stimulate improved performance from their sales team. Are you doing all you can to build a high performing sales team?

To learn more about building a high performance sales team, download this Research-Backed Sales Toolkit for Sales Leaders

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