What Top Solution Selling Performers Have In Common

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Whether a seller of complex solutions or simple products, solution selling training research shows top sellers have some traits in common.

There are certainly some factors in the sales process that are out of a seller’s direct influence such as government regulations, economic conditions or the dreaded re-assignment to a sales territory that is historically a low producer. And there are some factors that you as a solution seller can control…the number of appointments you make per day, the number of new contacts you call, the amount of time spent on networking and seeking referrals, etc.

But succeeding at solution selling is about much more than simply the volume of certain sales activities. Just take a close look at your top producers and you are likely to find they have the following four traits in common. ..and the good news is that these traits can be learned and practiced through targeted solution selling training programs.

Top solution seller performers have:

    1. A purpose and a plan to achieve it
      Top sellers know what they want to achieve and have a step-by-step plan for how to reach their goal. They have a strategy for success that guides their every move. They don’t let circumstances control their activities. They work with a purpose and focus that keeps them on track.
    2. An attitude that welcomes feedback
      They are never quite satisfied. They know there is much to learn, and they are committed to getting better each and every day. So they seek feedback…both positive and negative. They know they are not perfect, but they strive for perfection. They seek out more experienced salespeople for advice and sales coaching. They believe that the more they can learn from others, the more they themselves will succeed.
    3. A willingness to shift focus as needed
      Top sellers know where the opportunities truly lie and have the discipline to know when to quit. They are able to admit mistakes and re-focus their energies on the deals that are more likely to bear fruit. They know how to cut their losses and adjust their activities toward more promising target clients.
    4. An understanding that failure can teach valuable lessons
      “A” sales reps know they will fail at times. It’s part of the sales game. Instead of being handicapped by failure, they use it as a step toward learning and continuous improvement. They are realistic and accept that they will lose some deals. The way they react is what distinguishes them from their under-performing peers. They analyze what went wrong and determine how to handle a similar situation differently next time. They learn how to become even better.

You can help your solution selling team improve by training and coaching them to:

      • Set challenging but achievable goals
      • Seek feedback on how to improve
      • Prioritize opportunities in order to spend their time more productively
      • Reflect on what they have done wrong in order to do it right next time

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