Solution Selling Gives Both Parties a Win

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Solution selling training prepares you to win at even the most challenging of negotiations. How? By teaching you how to thoroughly understand your customer’s needs and look at the wide variety of options and priorities that can satisfy both parties.

Effective solution selling training programs open salespeople up to a new way of thinking. No longer do you just sell off the shelf; now you have the flexibility to truly satisfy your customers. You know their business and what they value. Then you match that to what would define a “win” on your side…a balanced deal that benefits both. It requires a shift from thinking simply that you need to “push” to sell and toward discovering that both parties can work together toward a satisfactory solution.

Solution selling training prepares you to expand the range of wins for both the salesperson and the customer.

Here are three tips on how to adopt this new customer-centric selling attitude as you work toward an agreement:

  1. Sit on the same side of the table
    Work together to define and then solve the problem. Come up with various alternative solutions that you can examine more closely as partners for a “fit” on both sides.
  2. Make it personal
    Try to uncover what matters most to your primary contact and/or ultimate buyer. You need to know what they value most…is it price, quality, ease of terms, timing? Perhaps they need to have a guarantee so they feel secure in choosing you over the competition and in gaining some leverage at their company.
  3. Align with customer interests
    Offer some options that address your customer’s highest priorities. If your customer is staking their reputation on the success of their solution, would it help to work out a plan for a pilot? That way your customer can “test the waters” before a complete roll-out. At LSA we provide a money back guarantee because we are that certain of satisfying our customers. Is such a commitment possible at your organization?

The overwhelming advantage of solution selling training is that your sales team is working toward long-term relationships. They build their customer base with loyal clients who are happy to give referrals. Sales are not one-off but lead to more and more business. Each sale represents a sincere attempt to help the customer; each solution sale strengthens the customer relationship; and each sale leads more easily to the next.

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