Sales Coaches Can Make the Solution Selling Difference

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It is difficult to underestimate the value of skilled sales coaches on a consultative and solution selling team. If you want to build a high performance sales team, sales coaches are essential. Great sales coaches keep your sales reps learning how to do their job better and they keep those reps engaged and motivated.

Here is what constitutes a great sales coach:

  1. The ability to focus on client and sales outcomes
    Yes, there should be attention paid to the activities of successful salespeople, i.e., time spent cold calling, follow-up on leads, networking, and new client research. But the focus should ultimately be on client and sales results. Did the networking provide new worthwhile contacts? Are you helping your clients to succeed? The best sales coaches know how to help sales reps balance being efficient in their basic sales activities with being effective in implementing them for the right reasons.
  2. The ability to focus on real sales opportunities
    Inexperienced sales reps often are wooed by any and all sales opportunities. They don’t know how to evaluate actual potential. Great sales coaches guide their reps toward the sales opportunities that are most likely to bear fruit. They give sales reps the courage to walk away from unlikely deals so they can spend their time more productively on the ones with a high probability of success based upon smart target client criteria.
  3. The ability to support but not overshadow
    The best sales coaches know how to model effective sales techniques and then when to step back and let their sales reps take the stage. Good sales coaches know that learning necessarily involves some missteps. They know how to guide without crushing the learner’s confidence…how to give constructive feedback so the rep can do better next time.
  4. The ability to focus attention on building customer relationships
    When sales reps know how to build strong, trusting relationships with their clients, the later stages of the sales cycle go much more smoothly. Good sales coaches help reps learn the importance of truly understanding the customer’s situation and crafting a compelling and doable solution for their problem and sales culture.
  5. The ability to devote the time needed to make a measurable difference
    Sales coaches who work within a high performance sales culture are committed to invest their valuable time in working one-on-one with their reps. They know what a difference their coaching can make in improving the sales performance of the team across the board. They know who needs coaching, when to offer their feedback, how to motivate each individual and what specific consultative selling skills each individual needs to strengthen.

If you really want to boost the performance of your solution selling team, see that your sales managers are fully trained in how to coach effectively. The results will justify your focus on creating world-class coaches.

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