6 Sales Moves to Prepare for a Downturn

6 Sales Moves to Prepare for a Downturn

A Downturn is Coming at Some PointPundits tell us that, like the next earthquake, an economic recession is inevitable and on its way.  The good news is that for both disasters, natural and economic, the right preparation can minimize the negative effects. ...

4 Steps to Better Meet Sales Quota

Meet Sales Quota? More than Half Don't According to Salesforce’s latest annual State of Sales report, 57% of sales reps miss quota and only 16% expect to exceed quota.  Something’s not working right.  What’s Going On? We have worked with over 15,000 reps in...

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The Top 4 Sales Traps to Avoid

Sales Traps that Are Most Likely to Decrease Your Sales PotentialThere are many sales traps that will hinder your performance.  The most experienced and highest performing sales reps know how to avoid the top sales traps.  Unfortunately, too many consultative sellers...

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