Anticipatory Selling – The Future of Solution Sales

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Why the Future of Solution Sales is Anticipatory Sales
Unless you are lucky enough to sell solutions for a company that has an unmatched solution in the marketplace that your target buyers cannot live without, you must count on your sales team to be part of what sets you apart from the competition.

Buyers Are More Equipped than Ever Before
B2B buyers complete more than fifty percent percent of their decision-making process before they speak to anyone on your sales team.  Just think about how easy it is to research and compare prices, customer reviews and alternatives through social networks and online forums before you buy a car, a house or even smaller ticket items like a pair of sunglasses.  The same is now true in the B2B solution sales world.

It Is Becoming More Difficult to Set Yourself Apart from the Competition
The increase in customer knowledge makes it more challenging for solution sales forces to differentiate themselves from the competition in the eyes of their target buyers.

How to Raise Your Solution Selling Advantage?
Anticipate what matters most.  Anticipate your target buyer’s next goals, problems, issues, needs, challenges and actions.   Then engage your target buyers around value-added insights that will influence their decision making process as they move forward.

Anticipatory Selling – The Future of Solution Sales
You sell value-added solutions, and customers certainly appreciate when you can consistently solve known and important problems. But how much more would they value your help if you could anticipate business-critical problems they hadn’t yet considered?

If you can fill this gap in their strategy and future planning, you could set yourself above the competition as a key resource and trusted business partner.

Anticipatory Selling Means Meeting Unspoken Customer Needs
High performing solution selling teams anticipate customer goals, problems and needs before their customers know they exist.  They consistently provide insights, advice and relevant solutions that go beyond the obvious.  They research and understand their target clients so they can consistently shed light on connections they had not yet made.

Anticipatory Selling Means Knowing Your Clients Better than the Competition
Smart solution selling teams know their clients better than the competition.  They are experts on the difficulties their target clients face. They have helped clients in similar situations tackle and overcome similar problems.

You will know your team is on the right path when they have enough knowledge of their client’s industry, business, organization and the client themselves that they would be almost impossible to replace.

The Bottom Line
The deeper your knowledge of their business, the more value you can bring. You don’t need to “pitch” them on the particulars of what you offer; or push into a superficial description of a “solution.” Instead, you can facilitate an in-depth discussion around what you have learned from past experience and how you can support them to meet both today’s and tomorrow’s problems.

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