5 Keys to Improving Your Solution Selling Message

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If your sales are lagging, it may be time to reevaluate and refresh the effectiveness of your sales message.

Take a close look with your solution selling team to see that the following 5 key elements are part of the story you tell to your customers.

  1. Articulating Clear, Compelling and Differentiated Value
    Before most customers consider buying something, they have to believe that you can provide them with the best value and solution to their most pressing needs. Have you been able to show that you “get” their situation and that your solution and approach will serve them best?
  2. Asking the Right Questions
    Uncovering a customer’s true pain is the way to zero in on what matters most to them, their boss and their organization as a whole. The best solution sellers know how to guide the sales conversation so that the customer’s priorities and problems are revealed. Your sales messaging should include guidelines on how to ask questions that lead to true discovery.
  3. Highlighting Differences
    What is it that makes your solution better and different than the other available alternatives? Your sales team should be clear on ways to describe what differentiates your company and your solution from others. Be sure that your differentiators link to what matters most to your target customer and their unique situation.
  4. Providing Data and Proof
    Most customers will need more than a description of your solution; they want proof that you can deliver and that you have done it successfully before for clients like them. Your sales tool box should include references, testimonials and case studies that quantify the impact your company has had in similar situations.
  5. Demonstrating Consistency
    You as a salesperson may be the first from your company to interact with your customer. But they will soon connect with others in your organization. Make sure that your message is consistent across the company. Everyone from marketing through customer service should echo the same approach, messages, values and mission.

Once you have your sales messaging framework clearly communicated and accepted by your team, you need to be sure that it is being followed and applied successfully. Put a plan in place to track application of the message and reinforce its use. This will require the commitment of sales managers to coach their team members as they follow the new guidelines. Then watch those lagging sales pick up speed!

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