4 Top Characteristics of Solution Selling Superstars

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We know from decades of designing and delivering customized solution selling training programs that solution selling stars may come in all shapes and sizes. But there are a few key traits that the very best sellers have in common.

Take a look at the top sellers on your team and see if they share these traits. If  you agree that the following four characteristics define your top sales talent, you now have a template for predicting success and against which you can measure current and future talent choices.

  1. A Drive to Learn More
    The best solution sellers are great students. They attend proven solution selling training courses.  They work hard to do research on potential clients, their business and solution options before setting up a meeting; they want to know as much as possible going in. They have a natural curiosity that drives them to dig deeper and learn more. They are not satisfied with a client’s first stab at what they think they need. Top salespeople probe for what lies beneath the surface. They keep asking questions until they fully understand the client’s situation and how they can add the most value. They want a thorough understanding of their client’s needs so they can truly help solve a business problem that matters in a way that makes sense.
  2. A Realistic View of Clients, Solutions and Opportunities
    Top solution sellers know when to play and when to walk away. They understand that their main constraint is time. Their time is too valuable to waste on a deal that is going nowhere. They wisely prefer to refuse an opportunity that does not align with their sweet spot. It is not easy to step aside from a client you like. But we know from solution selling training that top sellers continually qualify each and every opportunity. If a client is not ready or able to buy or if you can see that your solution is not a strong fit, it is better to work on deals that have more potential. A realistic view of the opportunities in your portfolio takes discipline.
  3. A Passion for What They Do and for Helping their Clients to Succeed
    The best salespeople are excited to share their solutions, and their enthusiasm for their work is contagious. They truly believe in the value they add to their customers and are eager to have a positive impact on their customers’ business. They are not just trying to close deals at any cost; they are driven to make a difference and to help their clients succeed. Their commitment to their customers is persuasive and compelling.
  4. A Genuine Focus on the Customer
    Ask customers about what they value most about the salespeople they are loyal to and you will hear a version of, “They truly care about helping me.” This is the “secret sauce” of what it takes to be a solution selling superstar…a genuine commitment to helping their customers both personally and professionally. When your customers win, everyone wins.

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