4 Field-Tested Solution Selling Tips to Increase Your Odds

by Jul 19, 2017Solution Selling

Solution selling tips for success equate to satisfied clients and high performing sales reps.

You can’t win ‘em all…but the right solution selling training combined with a clear sales strategy, a high performance sales culture and an engaged sales team can significantly increase your odds of success if you follow these four winning solution selling tips.

1. Show that you intimately understand your client’s situation
To prove you have a full understanding of the problem your client wants to solve or the goal they want to achieve, you need to ask relevant questions and be able to discuss topics that demonstrate your knowledge of their unique situation. You can’t just nod your head as they speak. You need to actively participate in the conversation and add value. Demonstrate that the time they spend with you is worth their investment by offering fresh insights, a broader external perspective, and practical solutions to help them succeed in a way that matters most.

2. Build the partner relationship.
Solution selling training experts emphasize the long-term relationship, as opposed to the short-term transactional sale. This means that you need to build the trust that underpins every meaningful connection in both your personal and professional lives. Be respectful, courteous, accountable, honest, and straightforward in all your dealings. As a salesperson, you have to earn the right to partner with clients. Show them what you’re made of so they know what it will be like to work with you.

3.  Craft the solution together
Don’t go off to the drawing board on your own. A much more powerful way to create an effective solution is to design it together. Define together what success will look like, set the goals, ensure they align with their overall business strategy, and agree upon the way to measure progress. The more you incorporate your client’s heart and mind into the solution, the more they feel a part of the plan and are more likely to commit to it.

4. Expand your base and make your value visible
Look toward growing the partnership for the future. Make sure that the “powers-that-be” are well aware of the value you add. Use a proven sales referral system to get introductions to others that you can help in the company and beyond. This is not a time to be shy but to leverage your success by developing new connections and building your network.

By following the above solution selling tips for success, you will find that you can win a larger and larger percentage of the opportunities out there. Be smart, be trustworthy, be a good partner and build your base.

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