3 Ways Top Solution Sellers Outperform their Peers

by Jun 7, 2017Solution Selling

If only there were a secret divulged in solution selling training that would propel you to success ahead of all the competition. But wait a minute; it’s not a secret. The key to solution selling success revolves around your ability to consistently uncover and deliver value to your clients.

Let’s face it, even with all the hype around the use of technology to improve sales performance, sales fundamentals have not changed much over the years. To succeed, you still need the essentials…the interpersonal skills that help you build lasting relationships and the business skills that help you understand the customer’s goals, challenges and needs and address them effectively.

But in terms of what today’s customers expect of you and the pace and means of communications, it is a new world. Customers today don’t want to waste time hearing about features, benefits and options; they can research product and service comparisons quickly themselves online. They are less likely to grant you an audience in person than they are a half-hour appointment on the phone. They expect you to have done your research on them, their company and their industry. They don’t want to be “sold;” they want meaningful solutions to their most pressing problems.

Solution selling training experts know that before solutions, of course, comes a complete understanding of the big problems that your client faces. To earn the right to uncover what your customer really needs, you have to provide value in each and every interaction so you help them to succeed and create the circumstances where they come back for more.

The solution seller that leaps ahead of the others knows how to do 3 things:

  1. Provide valuable insights
    Beyond simply studying up on your client and their business, top solution sellers come up with new information, recent research or developing trends that may enlighten them. Become a subject matter expert who can share new perspectives and open new doors of thinking. Share articles and white papers that are relevant to your customer’s situation and introduce them to thought leaders in their field.
  2. Stretch your customer’s thinking
    As you seek to become a trusted advisor, you need to be ready to challenge your customer’s beliefs…not for the sake of being contrary but to broaden their view of what is possible. And, certainly, if you feel they are about to make a mistake, speak up. There are times when you must gain trust through disagreeing with them respectfully and with sound reasoning. They will understand and appreciate that you have their best interests and future success at heart.
  3. Be strategic
    The best solution selling training teaches that sales are not one-off. It’s the long-term and consistent value-add that brings the most success. The salesperson who can look to their customer’s current and future needs and help them take into account risks and contingencies is the salesperson who wins. Customers appreciate advisors who can help them navigate the rough and tumble world of today’s competitive marketplace and achieve measurable business outcomes.

Yes, it takes time to do your research, develop a network of helpful contacts and learn to be more strategic than tactical, but we guarantee it will pay off. Qualify and choose your customers well according to their interest, need and ability to buy. Then invest in serving them the best you can. The better you get, the farther behind the competition will fall.

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