3 Strategies for Overcoming Sales Objections

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Need Strategies for Overcoming Sales Objections?
Just about every sales training program includes a section on strategies for overcoming sales objections. It’s certainly smart to anticipate what obstacles buyers may throw in your path. But it would be even smarter if you could address sales objections before they arise and minimize their impact on an effective sales process.

Five Thoughts on Sales Objections
Sellers who feel they need to overcome each and every objection may be thinking about sales objections in the wrong way.  Remember to…

  • Focus On Client Success: You are not in a contest with your buyer to see who “wins” as each objection is tackled. Selling is not about brunt forcing your client to buy; it is about understanding thoroughly what your client needs and wants.
  • Prioritize Objections: Buyers don’t necessarily need all their objections satisfied. Remember when you bought that computer that seemed too expensive but you were confident it could deliver the value you needed?
  • Clarify Concerns: Objections should elicit clarifying sales questions. You should be sure you fully understand the buyer’s hesitation and how much of an influence their concern will have on their buying decision.
  • Add Value: Consider if objections are your buyer’s way of regaining control over the conversation. Ask yourself if you are pushing too hard. If you are dominating the interaction and over-selling the features of your offering, it is time to back off, listen and remember that successful solution selling relies not on pushing features but solving problems.
  • Focus On Target Clients: The objections you hear may be a sign that you are not calling high enough. Lower level buyers focus more on a product’s features; higher level buyers are more interested in the value to them and their business of your proposed solution.

Three Strategies for Overcoming Sales Objections
Here are three strategies for overcoming sales objections before, during and after they are thrown in your path:

1. Conduct Full Discovery
Conduct a complete discovery so you have a clear idea of the issue your client is facing and its level of urgency compared to other problems they must address. Then work together to see how you can help them be successful in a way that makes sense for their unique situation.

2. Start as High as You Can in the Company
You can waste a lot of time selling too low and sometimes even jeopardize your credibility if you try to climb upward later. Focus on ideal target buyers who have the resources, the decision making power and the commitment to the solution you are selling.
3. Clarify the Vision of Success
Ask what it would mean to the buyer personally and to the company as a whole if the problem was solved.

The Bottom Line
Sales objections can be dealt with effectively when you understand where they are coming from, sell as a trusted partner rather than an adversary, and focus on your customer’s success rather than your own.

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